Terms of Service

I understand if you wait to order because clearly defined terms are still missing from this website. I’m working on these.

If you do order, I will send you a shirt or your money back (I’d cancel the authorization for the money)

  • Your order will be drop-shipped by https://www.printful.com/ (as of right now) so they will receive your address label information.   No payment information goes to Printful.
  • Your payment will be processed by https://stripe.com/ (as of right now).  No payment information will come to me.   Stripe processes a major portion of all online payments in the world today.
  • It requires 7 days for me to receive money from Stripe right now because I’m new.    I will order your shirt with money I have on hand if I have it on hand, otherwise it could take a week.  I’ll let you know before I order the shirt and you can cancel the order if it’s too long and I’ll have the payment stopped, but please, please, allow me the week.  Once I have $100 in a bank account I can ship immediately as they’re printed.
  • Yes, I will refund your purchase if you think it sucks.  Please allow me the opportunity to send you a new shirt first, but it’s your choice.
  • If you order a lot of shirts, I’ll definitely wait for your payment to clear because, I’m poor.  🙂
  • There should be a method for authorizing your money, but only actually collecting it when the shirt ships, and there will be, but currently the money will be collected because I need it to ORDER the shirt… I don’t have a stock. I’ll change this in the future (like in hours or days because I’m ready to make money somehow. – Joe Winett Famous Last Words (May 29, 2023)
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