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Moon Zappa freaked me out when she grew up overnight

I just watched a video yesterday of Moon and Frank Zappa appearing on Letterman when Valley Girl was released. Then tonight YouTube showed me she’s all grown up. ❤️

Beautiful. Oddly my nose has the same defect.

Here’s the Valley Girl promo visit on Letterman with her dad, musical genius and visionary voice, Frank Zappa.

Like, Gag Me!

And here is a cool video with Frank talking about Jimi Hendrix coming over to his house.


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Googly Eyes are Forever?

Kids did googly-eye crafts here. I keep finding the odd eye around the house, or stuck to me somewhere. This weekend I found a hilariously tiny one, paired it up with another and a paperclip, called it a kit and put it up for sale here.

This afternoon I applied for a job. On the manager’s door were a pair of googly-eyes.

They’re everywhere.