I Kicked My Own Ass at THE HOLE

This page, this page you are reading now will contain the video below.

In 9 hours, my upload will complete. 🙏 update: 9:00pm at Walmart — upload almost complete.

Shortly thereafter you shall BEHOLD: How I kicked my own ass playing billiards at THE HOLE.

Their t-shirt should be:

Watering Hole Saloon(s)

I’m not sure if kicking one’s own ass is something to celebrate, though. I suppose if you really CAN kick you own buttocks then hat off to ya.

The YouTube app on my phone says 6 hours now.

While we wait, here are some more sky blasts:

Now YouTube says 13 hours.

If I were a Rich Man, I’d bebebebedyeeb bebye get faster internet.

Now it’s 3 hours.

Could be any time. In the meantime, more of this delicious entertainment.

If you’d like to send me cash money, I won’t stop you.


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1 hours remaining!

no wait…says 6 again.

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