Editing and Uploading Episode 2 of “Learn To Program” at the Library

This video will appear on Karenware.com’s channel. It’s rendering for another 20 minutes or so, then I’ll upload it.

What should I do while I’m waiting. Hmmm. There are books everywhere in here. I could read something I didn’t write myself.

17 minutes.

Why am I writing this on my phone? My laptop is right here.

I need money but I’m so glad I didn’t sell this computer. No way to replace it now without serious financial readjustment such as selling an organ or coughing up a lung…

16 minutes now


Normally I’d go pacing around talking to small animals. I’m into talking to dragonflies and turtles lately.

15 mins

Did I tell ya I was homeless in downtown Shawnee in 2009? I should write about what has changed down here since then. There’s a park across the street now. That’s cool.

14 mins

I did look on a bookshelf.

12 mins

Found these books:

  • Who Is Steven Spielberg? by Stephanie Spinner
  • Stand Up and Sing! by Susanna Reich
  • Let Your Voice Be Heard, The Life And Times of Pete Seeger by Anita Silvey

1 minute remaining on the render.

It’s been uploaded to YouTube:

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