Idea for this Site: Public Contributed Content Regarding Live Interview Events on the Streets and the Highways of The Heartland and Oklahoma

Hmm. Another plan for just popped into my head: On the street interviews with social media feedback. That should build domain value, a business, and do some social good🖖🏻


  • Make a list of steps
  • Duct tape wireless microphone I already own to the end of a handle
  • Construct a cardboard placard to go around the microphone
  • Emblazon the logo on the placard
  • Stage live events on, invite people to follow
  • During live events invite participation by uploading media or linking to external social media (participation creates links because friends don’t let friends miss out on Sharezzzzz
  • Advertising: Sell traditional placement ads through the site: No junk ads, no tailored ads, no ads networks, no fricken Facebook (famous last words)

Challenges: I don’t own Benefit: Could buy with money.

Seriously though: The Technology should belong to A Big Hairy LLC of Oklahoma. So, i need to spend $10 to get registered with Google Play and $99 to get registered with Apple Developer’s Program for their store. Grrrrr. You know what? Not. Not going to think about details. Just going to make it perfectly clear that I own the technology and content (and Karen’s family are welcomed to it like family but nobody else just because they but this domain name from them). Projects generating into geeky business planning and legal documentation and environmental surveys is how my projects die so…. ’nuff said. Whew.

More later

Lurv ya

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