YouTube says: Try a trend



  • Virtual humans
  • Narrative horror
  • Majorette dancing
  • Washday routine
  • Nail art

(Side note to WordPress) Dear WP: Why not pull the preview image for the page as though the page was going to be embedded?

(Explanation to real people) Dear RP: When I pasted in the link to YouTube’s blog page above, WordPress’ editor tried to prepare an embedded version for a resource on the page, but it couldn’t do it because there’s no embeddable media on the page, it thinks:

If this had been a YouTube video page, then the video in a frame would be offered up for you to see here. Here’s a YouTube video from the page I linked above, embedded here below:

Image Meta

Since there are usually meta for preview images on a page, why not embed those?

Here is what the source of the page I linked above on YouTube’s blog looks like:

The image URL referenced is×810.jpg

Right now, that image looks like this and I’ll add the link URL to the caption below it, making a preview, sorta.

I fixed the above so the image can be clicked to go to the other page. Big whoop. It’s at least a preview of what they’ll find there.

To make the image clickable in addition to the link in the image caption, I had to edit the block’s HTML source:

I’m just suggesting.

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