Fuel: Smarter Every Time

Last time I got lawn mower gas, I spilled some in my car. This should fix that, maybe, a cardboard box plus careful driving.

In other news: Jim continues as is, by machine. It’s possible friends might have to make a tough decision because he’s estranged and was not in contact with family.

So, I’m going to mow.

But first

A dude at the gas station asked what was written on the hood of my car. It’s TeddyBear.com written in rear view mirror language. I didn’t explain what TeddyBear.com the site is because I still don’t know. Didn’t mean to be rude, i just froze up without an answer in case you inquired further. Although, i guess it’s implied that you were asking for the whole explanation or at least a little small talk. I’m not all here. 🖖🏻

Update 1pm: Ran outta gas there. I’m inside for a break.
Update 4:30pm

Doh! I forgot inside the fence.

Here last week’s edited video of lawn domination (no video this week)

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