I wrote this email in real time like I’m still at work at the truck stop

Hi, Joanne,

That’s very weird.  

The only possible cause I can think of is if you’ve set your monitor

… hang on a sec, I’ll try this before suggesting what it might be…. save a step maybe… be right back

Karen’s Directory Printer

Ok, I’m back.

I’m also using Windows 10 Pro.  I thought perhaps the culprit would prove to be setting Make text bigger  in the Settings app on the Ease of Access page to a bigger size.  But this didn’t cause the issue on my machine.

Are you running the American English version of Windows? 

Have you replaced any system fonts?

I’m thinking perhaps it could have something to do with our code not accounting for international distributions of windows .. but nobody had sent in such an issue and the thing is downloaded hundreds of times month from around the planet… 

I’m stumped.

Any ideas?



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